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Nicole Romine



Nicole Romine


Artistic Director & Creator

Emmy nominated Nicole Romine is a multiple-award winning director/choreographer. She wrote, directed, and choreographed her first show when she was 9 to raise money for a children's fund in a far away land. The show was a grand success and so after getting her Equity card at 17 in West Side Story, she went on to dance professionally around the world, has produced and directed two award winning short films, and served as artistic director for Danceworks the Company and Etre Art. She has worked with top talent in the entertainment industry such as Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Carol Burnett, and Janet Jackson. Creating and directing theatrical shows like Moon is her illimitable passion and she hopes to share it with the world.     


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Indigo Hughes


Production Liaison

Indigo is the pre-production coordinator in charge of networking, seeking out production companies and connecting with potential sources of support. Her love of writing and producing can be traced back to childhood. It started with winning an Arbor Day Poem contest, which then led to writing her first play. She later joined a Shakespeare Touring Company playing lead roles such as "Kate" in Taming of the Shrew, and "Puck" In Midsummers Night's Dream. She enjoyed these pursuits until someone told she would starve to death and should go get a real job. Indigo has worked in management for a Fortune 500 company, been a Department Director at a major hospital network, and was the manager of a non-profit shelter for women and children of domestic violence.

Indigo has trained under one of Broadways top producers, the Tony Award-Winning Ken Davenport.

She is passionate about furthering work by, and for, women and other underrepresented communities within the theater and film industries. Indigo is committed to bringing Nicole Romine's enchanted vision to the stage as a "first-of-it's-kind" theatrical production.

Lilia Yurchuk



In her early childhood Lilia Yurchuk dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but because of her passionate love for cakes she was not accepted into a ballet studio. Therefore she had to start writing music, in the hope that someday her compositions would be used for ballet productions and thus she would be closer to her dream. At the age of 14 she received Grand Prix at the Competition of Young Composers in her hometown. Lilia then entered the National Music Academy of Ukraine. In parallel with higher musical education, she was receiving an MA degree in Economics. After graduating the National Music Academy of Ukraine, Lilia worked at the National Radio Station with the author's music program, which was a success in all corners of the Ukraine. She has composed music for many theatrical productions. After the birth of her son, Lilia left the radio to spend more time with her family. Her son is now the first listener of her music.

Dave Klotz



Gemini nominated composer Dave Klotz has worked in too many creative facets of the music business.  A native Torontonian, Dave's early career involved composition, performance, arrangement, production, engineering and touring with a variety of musical acts.  He has toured extensively in North America and Europe as a professional keyboardist, and has appeared on a multitude of albums. Dave's true calling however, has always been scoring for film.  Over the past 20 years, Dave has been credited for composition in film and television for productions spanning from Toronto, to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.  Following a 3 year stint in Los Angeles, Dave returned to his beloved northern paradise in 2006 to continue his career pursuits within a proper Canadian climate. About 27,000 years ago, Dave somehow received a BFA honors Degree in Music, with specializations in composition, ethnomusicology and avant-garde electronic media.  Even after all this time, he has retained enough knowledge of the formal rules, to be able to break them with conviction.

A bio, credit list, general A / V reels and IMDB links can be found at:


Jeanine Johnston

As the Website User Experience and Website Designer of Moon, it has been her absolute pleasure and dream come true to weave together the beautiful artwork by artists from all over the world to present Moon on the world wide web. With so many wonderful concept and character drawings and paintings to work with, it is an absolute joy to artistically collage them together to tell this beautiful story.


With a love of art, music and dance, she has a fascination with how beautifully the art forms intertwine. Jeanine holds certificates in Web Design and Technologies from UCLA, and has designed and managed websites for various clients for several years. With a BA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Drawing & Painting from California State University, Long Beach, she loves to explore creating fine art…and now she lives in the Realm of Possibilities, where her dreams are becoming…


                                                   The Artists of Moon

Adrian- Poland                                                                                           Rita Leroux - United States  

Tuan Doan Ahn - Vietnam                                                                             Giovanni Magana - Italy

Ameshin - Japan                                                                                         Georgi Markov - Bulgaria

Milton Das - India                                                                                       Krystyna Nowek - Poland

Douglas Alves  Ferreira - Brazil                                                                      Franziska Oertl - Germany

Paco Guidice - Italy                                                                                    Anton Oxenuk - Russia

Federico Guillen -  Argentina                                                                        Josip Silvokami - Croatia

Magdelena Korzeniewska  - Poland                                                              Valery Shi - Russia

Bavarmagnai Avirmed - Mongolia                                                                 Dorota Szlezinger - Poland

Daniel Kovacs - Hungary                                                                             Vojislav Vasiljevic - Serbia

Moon - Black BG.jpg

Ravens by Paco Guidice

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